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The subject of an term paper on order for a particular discipline (for example, marketing, management, political economy, sociology, philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, criminal law, theory of state and law) is selected from the approved list. In one group can’t be selected the same areas of research (unless otherwise agreed with the supervisor). When choosing a topic for your writing history term paper, it is advisable to focus on the interests of the student, the topics of previously executed papers and the direction of future research (including master’s degree paper). Before writing a statement about the choice of a topic, you should familiarize yourself with the available literary sources and statistical database.

Content is fed at the beginning of the paper. It contains the title and the number of the first pages of all chapters, subsections, as well as paragraphs, in particular, this introduction, general conclusions, annexes, bibliography. Writing a term paper introduction has the following components:

  • relevance of selected research topics;
  • the object and subject of study;
  • the purpose as well as the tasks of the paper;
  • research methodology;
  • a short description of the structure of the study performed.

The object of the research is a process or phenomenon that gives rise to a problem situation and is selected for study. The subject of the study fits within the boundaries of the object. The object and subject of research as categories of the scientific process are compared among themselves as general and particular.

The main part of the term paper writing to order should contain theoretical and practical components. When writing it is recommended to allocate 3 sections:

  1. The first section is devoted to the disclosure of the essence of the object of study, the characteristics of the foundations of the organization of its management. It analyzes the literature on the research problem; disclosure of basic concepts of the topic; analysis, comparison, comparison of the existing views of various scientists on the studied problem.
  2. The second section is devoted to the analysis of the current state of the research object and financial practice. It is carried out on the basis of a study of statistical and reporting data, publications in periodicals, data published on the official websites of government bodies, professional participants of the financial market, international organizations, analytical reviews, and the like. Analysis of the dynamics of the studied phenomena should be carried out for at least the last 5 years (unless otherwise agreed with the supervisor).
  3. The third section is devoted to the study of the problems identified in the previous sections and possible ways to solve them.

The paper conclusions should flow from the study and be directly related to its results. The conclusions summarize all the issues highlighted in the course work. They must correspond to the goal and objectives of the study, as defined in the introduction (show whether the goal has been achieved, which tasks have been completed in whole or in part, which are not and why).

If necessary, the term paper includes applications. It is not allowed to include material that is not disclosed and is not analyzed in the text of the paper; all applications in the text of term paper should be referenced. In terms of their design, the tables and pictures should be compact and neat; when laying them, it is allowed to use a smaller than the standard font and a single space between the lines.